Estimated Duration – 15 minutes • $40 per view

Digital X-ray, or digital radiography, is the process of capturing radiographic images with the use of a sensor and then almost instantly viewing an image on a computer. The technology has advanced a great deal from that of traditional X-ray with film and view boxes, allowing our doctors to zoom, rotate and control image density.

As an example of how this aides in your diagnosis, our doctors are also able to mark the X-rays, measure distances between vertebra, show degrees of variances in horizontal planes such as with hips and shoulders. The results are available on a computer screen within seconds for them to analyze and review with you to ensure that you have a visual aide as they are explaining your treatment plan.

Digital X-Rays help with the following:

  1. Faster diagnoses
  2. Less exposure to radiation
  3. More individualized chiropractic treatment plans

Digital X-rays are available if needed. Our staff is highly trained to ensure the best quality images for the diagnosis of conditions such as disc degeneration.

3-D X-ray

Estimated Duration – 30 minutes • Cost Varies

We also offer 3-D X-rays if the doctor feels that they would be beneficial in diagnosing your case.

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